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Cavaliershipping~! <3



:star: Group's Rules: cavaliershipping-fc.deviantart…

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:star: Why Yami Is Not A Pedophile In Our Group: cavaliershipping-fc.deviantart…

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EngelchenYugi Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2013
Why did you declined my [link] fanart?

It's very obvious that there are Yami and Rebecca on the picture. ^^;
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ChowFanGirl12 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like Cavaliershipping myself, because it sounds so awesome, as well as very neat to write for. :)
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coritz Featured By Owner May 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
cavalier shipping?

but going on this logic that would make yugi a pedophile too..
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EngelchenYugi Featured By Owner May 5, 2012
This is much better than Replayshipping. :XD:

Rebecca and Yami would be a very passionate couple. :love:
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Angel-Prower Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for inviting me :)
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brokenpetalsoflove Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I support this so much :)
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BrotherlyFluff Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2012

:iconfloatingheartplz: :iconcuteyamiplz::iconsharedloveplz::iconrebeccahopkins--plz: :iconmecutelove: OMG!!!! ;w; :iconhappysunenjoysplz: I must join this group!! :iconlachoirplz: Can I also please be a co-founder? ^^ :iconbemyvalentineplz:It's because I believe that Cavaliershipping got popular at deviantART thanks to me~ xD It all started when Danni (*Sarky-Sparky) and I began RPing it in 2011. Before that, the pairing was practically unheard of because Danni and I had never seen art or fans of it. D: Danni drew the first Cavaliershipping picture at [link] , which was a gift for me. (It was originally uploaded in July 2011 at ~Rebecca--Hopkins, but then it got deleted and uploaded again on Danni's main account, which is why there's a later date than the original one.) It was the very first art piece I've ever seen of this pairing!:iconawwloveplz:Later, I got requests, point commissions, and more gifts of Cavaliershipping from friends and other great artists! :):iconinluvplz:They include:

:heart: [link] Yams and Beckaboo by !ScreamingSkies
:heart: [link] Yu-Gi-Oh - Cavaliershipping Sketch Request by *MajimeMajoYoi
:heart: [link] CM: Cavaliershipping by *PikachuPanda
:heart: [link] Commission: Winter Stroll by *mookyloo
:heart: [link] Cavaliershipping- Hug!- For BrotherlyFluff by ~tuesdaythe13
:heart: [link] Irresistible 1 by ~Fayansue
:heart: [link] Irresistible 2 by ~Fayansue
:heart: [link] Cavaliershipping Gift by *Chibi-Delina
:heart: [link] .:Commish:. Don't get a Brain Freeze! by =Haru-nekoX
:heart: [link] in the pouring rain by *Firepelt
:heart: [link] Point Commission by ~IdhotKuncorot

:iconlainloveplz:I also made my own art of it at [link] !:iconlovesplz:So far, I have not seen any Cavaliershipping picture that's not associated with me. xD But I hope this pairing will become more popular and that more people will draw it so that it won't only be associated with me! :dummy:

I had also thought of making a group for Cavaliershipping, but the reason I didn't make one is because I'm already busy at deviantART. I'm an admin at :iconyu-gi-ohrp-da: and :iconmokie-lovers:, I take care of :iconyu-gi-ohplzicons: and :iconpokemonplzicons:, and I make hundreds of plz accounts! That's why I didn't make a group for Cavaliershipping. However, I'm really touched that you made one for it!~ :D Since this group exists now, I'd be honored to be a co-founder! :dummy: I also noticed that one of my best friends, Delina, is a co-founder, which makes me happy!~ :giggle: :iconbrohugplz: LONG LIVE CAVALIERSHIPPINGGGG!!~ 8D :icongianthugplz:

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